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For most Amazon sellers the most profitable day of owning
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  • Competitive Offers

    We value the work and time you’ve put into your Amazon store, which is why we pay top rates.

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    We make the sales process simple and transparent so you get paid quickly.

  • Secure Transaction

    We use contracts and safe payment channels and our sales process is secure.
    Earn up to thousands of dollars for your inactive Amazon store. Find out how much it’s worth with a free estimate now!

How It Works


Get a no-cost estimate of your Amazon store’s value, speaking with one of our team members to answer your questions.


Get a competitive offer for your store, complete with a contract and clear transition process.


Safely switch over ownership of your Amazon store to Profitzon—and get paid for your business.


Enjoy the rewards of a successful Amazon store sale!

Get a no-cost estimate of your Amazon store’s value, speaking with one of our team members to answer your questions.

Not ready to sell? We can help there, too.

If you’re ready to get back into Amazon sales, Profitzon helps you automate, run and grow profitable Amazon businesses.

With a simple integration to Profitzon’s API, you can tap into a proven machine learning algorithm to find and list in-demand products.

Best of all, our team handles support, returns and more so you can have a truly passive income source.

To learn more about Profitzon’s services and build a profitable Amazon business, get in touch with us here.


Following our proven process, yes, you can sell your Amazon store without violating any terms or conditions.

Yes! We utilize contracts and secure payment channels to ensure maximum transparency and security.

No matter the store type or products you sell, we’re interested in buying Amazon businesses, specifically those with previous activity and feedback.

Our clients started an Amazon business, but usually have not sold any products recently. Even though they don’t manage an active business, they’re often surprised to know their account has value because of its reviews and previous activity!
That’s where we come in, paying top rates for their business, so they can exit from Amazon with a substantial payout.

To get answers to your questions, reach out to our team here.